PacRim Coal, LP – Chuitna Coal Project

The Chuitna Coal Project is being developed by PacRim Coal, LP, as a surface coal mine with a

“Backfill and Revegetate As We Go” Strategy

to recover an estimated 300 million tons of ultra-low sulfur, low mercury, low ash coal.

Clean Coal

Coal from the Chuitna Coal Project is sub-bituminous, ultra-low sulfur, low mercury, and low ash coal.  It can be mixed with other coals that have higher sulfur, mercury, and ash content to reduce emissions. This coal is sometimes called “blending” or “compliance” coal.

Reduced Footprint

Since the original design of the mine in the 1980’s, the project has undergone several infrastructure design changes to reduce the potential impacts. The reconfiguration of the facilities alone has resulted in a 74% reduction in footprint and a 72% reduction in wetlands affected by the infrastructure.

Economic Benefits

Taxes and fees will be paid to the State of Alaska, Kenai Peninsula Borough, and Tyonek Native Corporation.  The biggest beneficiary will be the Alaska Mental Health Trust, who expects production royalties in excess of $300,000,000 over the life of the mine.  The royalties will be placed in a perpetual trust to fund Trust programs throughout Alaska for generations to come.

PacRim’s Goal: Maximize Coal Mine Benefits and  Minimize Coal Mine Impacts.

Creating Jobs in Alaska

PacRim Coal expects to create 500 jobs during construction, 350 full-time jobs during mining, and an estimated 1,200 indirect jobs throughout the state.

PacRim is committed to qualified, local hire to help keep Alaskans working in Alaska.

  • At the mine site: Heavy Equipment Operators, Laborers, Drillers, Blasters, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, Foreman, Surveyors, Mine Engineers, Mine Safety Officers, Reclamation specialist, Hydrologist and Biologist, Permit Manager, Material Handling System Operators, Warehousemen.
  • As part of the mine infrastructure: Camp Services (cooks, housekeeping, maintenance, camp manager), Conveyor Operators, Conveyor system maintenance personal, Electricians, Road maintenance crew (grader, loader, dump truck, brush equipment)
  • At the port facilities: Laborers, Warehousemen, Stevedore Services (barge and ship berth), Tug boat captains, Coal stacker/reclaimer operators, Yard Conveyor operators, Light equipment operators (loader, bobcat, grader), Ship loader operator, Port manager, Coal laboratory
  • General administration: Receptionist/Secretaries, Accountants, Purchasing Agents, Payroll clerk, Accounts payable clerk(s), Mine Superintendent, Department Heads (Engineering, operations, maintenance, finance, HR)

Chuitna Coal Project Timeline